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Permanent Jewelry on Martha's Vineyard

The Story

(it's always about Love)

Forever MV is my love letter to the island. Having family history here that spans six generations it's as if the island whispers it's love back in the nooks and crannies of its history and majestic landscapes. Adding to the story of this place, I wanted to create an experience for anyone to celebrate their Island life. Whether you're visiting for a day, living here during a season or call this place home year-round, Martha's Vineyard captures hearts and grants endless memories. 

I love you forever MV.  

xo, Carrie

Permanent Jewelry on Martha's Vineyard


Carrie's jewelry journey started with her grandmother who didn't leave the house without her bangles, rings, and matching necklace and earring sets. Soon, she started making her own with wood and paper materials; later it was copper and raw gemstones, til' she landed on silver and gold. Carrie is self-taught with her latest obsession: permanent jewelry and handcrafted charms.

She wants to share them with you and believes with all of life's beautiful ups and downs, a little sparkle and celebration can go a long way.  

*Carrie with her grandmother, grandfather and mother on the ferry

What's in a name?

Fun Fact! We love to play with words and images; our logo is no exception.

 It has not one but TWO MV's in it! Do you see them? Hint: It's always about love...

Permanent Jewelry on Martha's Vineyard
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