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Permanent Jewelry on Martha's Vineyard


Find all your burning questions about Permanent Jewelry answered here.  Still can't find what you're looking for? Contact us and we'll be in touch within 24 hours!

What Is Permanent Jewelry?

Permanent jewelry is a necklace, anklet, bracelet or ring that doesn’t have a clasp. The two ends of

the chain are simply welded together or “zapped.” ​

Does It Hurt?

Permanent Jewelry on Martha's Vineyard

Not at all! Nothing on your body is actually getting zapped, just the two ends of the chain. There’s a

small flash (it’s kinda fun) and your permanent piece is good to go!

Why Permanent Jewelry?

People come to Forever MV for a variety of reasons. Here are just a few we’ve heard from our customers:

  • Forever MV pieces are custom-tailored and we offer a wide range of hand-made charms exclusive to the island!

  • Wearing permanent jewelry allows you to make a statement.

  • It’s a way to show love for someone special or commemorate a special occasion.

  • You don’t need to take it on and off all the time like you do with regular jewelry.

Permanent Jewelry on Martha's Vineyard

What If I'm Just Not Ready For A Permanent Piece?

All of our necklaces, bracelet and anklets can also be made with a clasp!

What If I Need To Remove My Permanent Jewelry For Any Reason?

Removing permanent jewelry is easy: just use scissors to snip the small ring that connects the both ends of the chain so as to keep the chain intact. We’re always here to re-weld your piece for a small fee.

Can I Go Through Security With Permanent Jewelry?

Good question! Since our jewelry is not magnetic, there are no metals in it that set off those pesky machines.

Is There An Age Requirement?

Permanent Jewelry on Martha's Vineyard

Our minimum age requirement for permanent jewelry is 12, however we are happy to create coordinating bracelets with a clasp. Anyone under 18 must get parental consent.

What If My Chain Breaks?

While our Forever MV jewelry is particularly durable, nothing is indestructible!  All metal can

break and stretch, and care and lifestyle can be factors in longevity.

If your chain breaks, save it and we can re-weld for a small fee ($20 + tax)

Note: Unfortunately, a lost chain cannot be replaced and a new chain must be purchased. 
If you’re out of town or not on Martha’s Vineyard, just save your piece until you come back or ship it to us. We can always put a clasp on it and ship it back until your next visit! (Shipping and clasp charges do apply.)

Permanent Jewelry on Martha's Vineyard
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